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Amateur Radio Emergency Service
Lauderdale-Clarke Counties Amateur Radio Service (ARES) is a volunteer organization of licensed Amateur Radio Operators supporting the Lauderdale and Clarke Counties emergency preparedness plan and general public safety by providing a flexible, technical resource which is skilled in disaster response functions and emergency communications.
Lauderdale Emergency Management Agency - Search and Rescue (LEMA-SAR) meets the 4th Monday of each month 7:00pm at LEMA.

Clarke County Emergency Management Reservists

The Hospital Emergency Amateur Radios System District 6 (HEARS) conducts a weekly controlled net each Wednesday at 10:00am on the W5FQ repeater 146.700MHz (-)(pl 100Hz). The purpose of this net is to test District 6 HEARS, and to provide a forum for the discussion of related topics.

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ICS Forms Booklet (FEMA 502-2)

Local Amateur Radio Clubs

Meridian ARC

Hattiesburg Area ARC

Laurel ARC

599 DX Association

Central MS ARA

Lowndes County ARC

Neshoba ARC

Emergency Operations Frequecies to avoid or Monitor

East Central Mississippi Chapter

The Meridian Area Emergency Net (MAEN) meets each Tuesday evening at 2000 hours local time and whenever needed for emergencies on the W5FQ repeater146.70- (pl100.0Hz). Our backup repeater is the NO5C repeater 146.970- (pL100.0Hz) located in Marion, MS. You do not have to be a member of ARES or the Meridian Amateur Radio Club to participate in this net. All Amateur Radio Operators are welcome.

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ARRL Mississippi Section

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The next Meridian Amateur Radio Club meeting will be 10:00am, Sept 5th at the Checkerboard Restaurant in Meridian, MS

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Mississippi Emergency Management Agency

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